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An important book

By Alberto Ledesma on October 27, 2013
Format: Kindle Edition
Long before the Dream Act Movement came into being, J.P. Bone’s novel, Illegals, presented the compelling story of a small group of undocumented immigrant shoe factory workers who risked deportation in order to demand better treatment as workers. Told in sequence of taut vignettes, the novel chronicles the genesis of a group’s collective coming to courage at a time when most undocumented immigrants remained silent about the abuses they experienced. In this way, the book is prophetic and revealing. It provides excellent background reading for anyone looking to understand why today’s undocumented immigrant communities are asserting themselves politically. The book was also ahead of its time in the way that it depicted a pan-Latino and cross-enthnic coalition of workers striving towards a common goal. Readers will enjoy the story as much as the characters. And, in the end, they will gain an important new perspective that remains, in spite of the decades since it was first published, as elusive as ever.

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A Must-Read to Understand Immigration
By Robert David Schildgen on September 25, 2013
Format: Kindle Edition & Paperback
Despite all the sound and fury over immigration reform, most Americans have no understanding whatsoever of the actual lives of immigrants: the suffering that drove them to leave their native lands; the mortal risks they take simply to get over the border; the prejudices they fsce, and their amazing work ethic. J.P. Bone’s “Illegals” takes you inside their world like no other book does. He traces the dangerous move of two cousins from El Salvador dodging bullets–and poverty–and in showing the perils they face creates a novel that would work as a thrilling tale in itself. But the book offers much more, because it shows Latino families close up in their ordinary daily lives, cooking, working, bantering with the kids, or just hanging out, while at the same time giving us a compelling story of their struggle to gain decent wages and working conditions. Little wonder that this novel earned the endorsement from eminent activists such as Martin Sheen, Michael Moore, Howard Zinn, and Studs Terkel.

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By Lee Thomas on September 26, 2013
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
I have worked in corporate America for over 35 years. “Illegals” is an accurate analysis into the nature of the relationship between corporate America and those of the middle to lower classes. J.P. Bone reveals the narcissistic and greedy nature of the corporate mind and its perception of ordinary human beings(with loved ones and families that matter just as much as those of the wealthy)! J.P. Bone’s account of “Illegals” gives an articulate and intimate account of the life of the poor (in this case Hispanics). This book should be made into a movie and begs for a screen play to compliment the already ‘visual’ prose and to accentuate the visceral content of the book. I will say that at this time in American history this book should be read by everyone who considers him or herself an American.It is the strongest statement on immigration that I have read.


This book captured my attention with its soulful portrayal . . . .
Chris Allen

This book captured my attention with its soulful portrayal of several very different modern Latino immigrant stories and the suprising terror, discrimination and compassion that the immigrants experienced. It is an important novel because it voices the histories of the Latino people who are a growing population of Americans. We can better prepare for the future by knowing more of our collective past which is what this book helps to do.

I strongly recomend this book !!!

I bought the book and read it in three nights.To be honest this is the second novel that I had ever read,and I was shocked by the type of abuse that went on. I loved the great amount of details, yet there was plenty of suspense through-out each chapter…